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Having a profound knowledge of antiques, we looked for designers and highly skilled artisans to reproduce the fine furniture and collectables with an uncompromising sense of detail and quality. Aimin at, to be at least the equal or better than the originals. AGAL has built a new atelier in 2010 where designers and artisans create furniture with a contemporary touch and functionality. Our creations encompass bronze sculptures, stone sculptures and paintings. We aim to indentify and build value based on understanding customer needs; bearing in mind aesthetics, originality and superior quality.



AGAL Decor registered the establishment of the company on 7th May 2006. The company was started by Mr. Charnarong Chongtanavanit. who since the age of 16, had experienced from working in the store, selling antique art in the eastern oriental style. The store which is well-known among Thais and foreigners has been open since before 1957 in Ratchaprasong area with an expertise in selection, repair and trade antiques and ancient home decor. Mr.Chanarong then opened his first shop in the Siam Square area in the name of ART & ANTIQUE.

In that era, the trading of furniture and antique home decor in Oriental style was a striking boom and cost-effective among Thai and foreigners collectors up until 1980. Mr.Praphan and Mr.Pramuan Chongtanavanit, 2 younger brothers of Mr.Chanarong opened a new store together in the name of ASIAN GALLERY, the store was widely known when the Association of Art Promotion and Promotion (ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROPAGATION AND PROMOTION OF OBJETS D'ART) invited them to open a shop at the River City Shopping Center, Si Phraya Road with antique furniture products both from China and neighboring countries added in addition to the existing artifacts (Antique).

Until later, genuine art products are harder and very rare to find. Moreover, it can't be bought in the market, but the demand of collectors and customers who are interested in this style of decoration are still very high. That’s the origin and concept of the production of new artifacts by making them look like an antique (Reproduction).

And after collectors, artists, and designers around the world getting to know more about this group of products, the "๋Chongtanavanit" family jointly founded AGAL Décor to create a new piece of art that maintains the aesthetic foundation of Thai and East Asian art for lovers around the world.

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