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The Everlasting Reflections of Brass Framed Mirror.

One cannot deny that one of the most popular items of house decoration these days is mirror as it helps adding luxury and depth to the style. Mirror is a multipurpose decoration that is not limited to be placed only in a bathroom, a dressing room or a bedroom. Instead, mirror can be added for a final touch of extravagance and increase visual dimension to any given room.

AGAL had created its mirror product piece by piece to elevate your home aesthetic. Smooth finished Brass framed mirror, each crafted by the hand of the expert for the finest result.

The craftsman would start off by creating the shape of the frame onto 4 pieces of Teak wood first as a prototype of each frame side, those of which would then used to form a rubber mold where beeswax would then be meticulously poured into. The resulting beeswax sculpture would then be brought into a furnace to create the Brass piece.

These intricate, dedicating process hence making AGAL’s Brass framed mirror an everlasting, priceless work of art.


Visit AGAL’s Gallery to see our Brass framed mirror at AGAL Crystal Design Center (CDC), Building B, 1st Floor or contact us at

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