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The Antique-style house decoration ideas from famous movies

Movies are animated form of art and also another inspiration you can take to help with your house decoration ideas. As in movies, the design of the background scenes is another crucial component to help bringing characters to life, while, paralleling with the characters, performing beautifully.

Emilie, 2001

The French famous romantic comedy by the director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, very famous for its mysteriously charming story-telling. The film has refined visuals, with outstanding colors to portray the character’s emotion and very pleasant scene decorations, making it very iconic and was frequently referred to.

Emilie took place right in the heart of Paris. One of the scene that was fascinatingly designed was the Parisian-styled of the protagonist, Emilie herself. Her room was dominated with the color red as it was her signature color, whether the pattern on the wall, or the furniture, bringing her room into the monotonic appeal, with flattering dark shaded wood furniture, brass photo frame, and some Antique French-Cottage style house decorations to helps bringing even more charm to the room.

The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001

Another movie from the director Wes Anderson. Besides being a director, Anderson is also an interior designer, making his movies not only famous for themselves but for the design of their set locations as well.

The Royal Tenenbaums, a story about an unusual but genius family, is another film famous for its stylish interior and costume design. Anderson chose the 4 floors townhouse in New York City as a background for his characters. Inside the townhouse was warm with shades of pink and red, decorated with Brass image frame and Havelina Boar's Head.

Each character’s bedroom occupies its own different style. The sassiest one would be that of Margot Tenenbaums, the family’s only foster child. The room has red wall with Zebra pattern, wood furnished and adorned with antique decorations like african wood-carved mask, vintage vinyl player and ornamental laced headlamp. The room is chic with its variety decorations, looking Exotic and feminine at the same time.

Call me by your name 2017

Adaptation from a novel of 2007, an Oscar award winner of 2017 from the director Luca Guadagnino. The story took place during the summer of 1983 where a 17 year old boy fell in love with his father’s 24 year old assistant.

Guadagnino is well-known for the selection of houses of which are featured in his film. For this one he choose Villa Albergoni, a vacation villa from the 17th century locating in Moscazzano Northern Italy to be the home of the Perlman family. The Perlmans are culturally open-minded, fans of music, books and novels. The house is shown to be embraced with items from different cultures and historical eras all fused together into a cohesive charm.

The decorations of the villa appeared to be inherited from generations, antique furnitures with lingering history. Rooms are adorned with various cultures, e.g. the salon, cozy with Persian rug, Dedar fabric couch, ornate wooden chair, Japanese style paintings and a piano in the center of the room, acting as the heart of a music loving family. Every piece of decoration depicted its own story and value. Together they established a warm and memorable experience.


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