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Colonial architecture, the nostalgic aesthetic

Colonial architecture was originated from European states e.g France, British, Portuguese, etc. during the time of colonialism. AGAL is now walking you through glorious days of the venturous ones whose influence can be seen in architectural scenes of many countries across the world.

In our neighboring countries, the colonists had established their settlements on the colony land at the time, resulting numbers of European influenced architecture abundantly seen in the area. Was Thailand also took on the influence? Though Thailand has never been colonized, the Colonial art also had impact our country’s architectural landscape in the reign of King Rama V. Local people at the time would called the building whose design incorporated the architecture from Europe with Thai local design, resulting a Colonial architecture, “Teuk Farang” (foreign building).

So what did “Teuk Farang” looked like? Think of Hua Lamphong train station, or Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall with distinctive grand dome and European silhouetted structure. Colonial architecture appearance varied in different colony area according to its local characteristics, as the design was adjusted to be geographically coherent.

And not just in architecture, AGAL has brought the Colonial aesthetics to fused with Chinese Antique-style furniture, resulting the statement pieces reminiscing such historical period.


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