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The crafts towards making Curved Console

Wonder just how such splendid curved table leg is actually made? AGAL is ready to share it’s story.

The process of making such piece requires a unique skill, together with tremendous amount of time and extreme concentration.

Back in the days, the challenging process started off with bringing a Teak timber with diameter precisely the size of curving part of the table leg, carefully gouging out the center and carving into a fine circular curve line. The tricky part of this product is that with a hole in the center, the wood strength is compromised that when time passed, the curved part of table leg can break causing the whole table to collapse.

AGAL, aware of this problem, redesign this product developing a new unique carpentry technique especially to enhance the strength of the curved table legs. From the designer’s vision to carpenter’s prototype, with over 15 pieces of fine Teak jointed together to create a fine curve perfectly complementing the table top, all with practical durability. Walk with AGAL through our process and see the creativity and dedication we put into our product making.

• Starting off with the designer creating the structural drawing in which multiple pieces of wood are jointed together forming the curved silhouette. The drawing would be printed in a scale of 1:1, handed to the carpenter who would make a 1:1 size plywood prototype, the one of which would be used later on as a reference for cutting out square pieces of Teak wood for actual product making.

The carpenter then meticulously cut out the Teak wood precisely in the same curved shape as the prototype. This curve-cut process requires remarkably high skill and focus in order to deliver a perfect arch.

• As for the star of AGAL console table, the curved leg, it took form by the roll of 5 large pieces of Teak wood, each of which consisted of 3 smaller curve Teak pieces jointed together. All pieces would then be lined up horizontally, went through 3 jointing process; Dowel Joint, Staples and glue until finished in a form of a beautiful arch with high strength and durability for daily usage.

As great things never comes from a comfort zone, the spectacularity of AGAL contemporary console table is hence, the reward of a true devoting craftsmanship.


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