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Colonial Style Chair, Token of the Colonialism glorious days

Characterized by the colonial period embellishment, this carved Teak chair with artistic legacy from the graceful Western European architecture is redesigned in fusion with Thai-Chinese sensation, reestablishing a historical statement piece of furniture. And it is available for only 9,400 baht.

The Colonial style chair originated from the remarkably glorious history. It was an applied art born in the West during the Colonial period, the movement whose art and architecture entered and had influence in Thailand during the reign of King Rama 5 and 6.

AGAL has brought back its ornamental pattern and carved into the ornate chair legs and backrest. Together with the Thai-Chinese classic-style curvy silhouette, this chair is a fused sensation between the glorious history of two regions.

Colonial Style Chair : Price 9,400 Baht (from 13,410 Baht)

Dimension : 52.5 x 60.3 x 80 cm

Color : (customization available)

Ready for shipment items available. No need to wait for your Teak Colonial chair!


Visit AGAL’s Gallery to see our Colonial Style Chair at AGAL Crystal Design Center (CDC), Building B, 1st Floor or contact us at

Line Official:

Tel : 086-340-9321, 083-260-4141


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