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Bronze Casting Spell to your home

Beside AGAL unique contemporary Antique style furniture, Bronze Casting Art is also one of our exceptional works. From AGAL founder’s own dedicated years of experience, to the actual practice of preserved traditional art making procedure, passing on for younger generations to appreciate the elaborate process of our forefathers; sculpting the wax pattern to create a sand mold piece by piece before pouring the molten bronze. The casted brass would be finished in the details by the skilled artisan, resulting the piece of art not just visually exquisite, but with extreme time defying and durable Bronze Sculpture.

Especially if placed outdoor, these Bronze Sculpture would perform a remarkable transition with green rust, the effect of which makes the piece one of a kind, fulfilling your space with fascinating charm.


Visit AGAL’s Gallery to see our Bronze Casting Art at AGAL Crystal Design Center (CDC), Building B, 1st Floor or contact us at

Line Official:

Tel : 086-340-9321, 083-260-4141


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