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Furnitures and Arts for your identity

We all have our own personal taste portraying through our wardrobes, lifestyles or traveling preferences, but one thing that truly reflects who we are is our own home. There are various style of home decoration these days, not just for a pretty picture but it needs to respond to each person’s lifestyle while displaying his or her own identity.

The demand for home decorations is hence notably diverse. AGAL embraces those needs and strives to develop its Antique style furnitures and decorative arts not just with more contemporary visual appeal, but are practically designed with functions that respond well to modern day living, beautifully collaborates with every style of home interior design and adjustable for each person’s need while maintaining AGAL’s unique renowned aesthetic.


Visit AGAL’s Gallery to see our Antique style furnitures at AGAL Crystal Design Center (CDC), Building B, 1st Floor or contact us at

Line Official:

Tel : 086-340-9321, 083-260-4141


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