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House on the pond

AGAL would like to thank Mr. Narong from SO Architects and Mr. Chatch, the project owner, for allowing us to participate in the "House on the Pond" project.

The collaboration between AGAL and SO Architects began with our exhibition booth at the Home and Garden Fair in 2020. Mr. Narong got to know AGAL through our products, which shared a similar aesthetic direction. With mutual interest and complementary design styles, we exchanged our contact to discuss how we could customize furniture for the projects under SO Architects' responsibility Thus, the collaboration between AGAL and SO Architects started.

Not only do we feel honored to be a collaborator, but as professionals in the design field, AGAL greatly admires the work of SO Architects. Their designs are decisive, unique, and distinct, bringing out the beauty of the space valuably. They can transform a small area in a narrow alley into a building with an impressive design.

In the House on the Pond project, our furniture became a part of a home that uses space creatively and distinctively. This includes the golden mirrors made entirely of brass and carefully colored, a masterpiece produced in only a few pieces in Thailand. There's also the pantry kitchen cabinet that doubles as a fridge and wine storage, blending the display cabinet design with a unique grid design characteristic of AGAL furniture. Additionally, we specially designed storage cabinets that can both display items and securely store them. We customized the cabinet size to fit the space and other furniture pieces in the room.

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