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AGAL, the timeless furniture brand

For decades that AGAL has been growing along with Thai society, from the beginning of creating various pieces of antique style applied arts, today AGAL has grown to master work pieces that are classic while also obtaining contemporary appeal, resulting a timeless beauty.


Either our Teak furniture with meticulous raw material sourcing process, going through delicate and authentic carpentry in order to create fine pieces of high value, our Brass Casting arts that carry history in their every curve, perfect for those with passion in deep traditional culture, or our fine arts with intricate detail capturing historical artistic narrative, all of these antique products from AGAL are offered to help with your home or space decoration as if turning it into another world with rich contemporary aesthetic that suits with every interior style.

AGAL promises our dedication to always pursue the finest quality with finest taste for you.


Visit AGAL’s Gallery to see our Antique product at AGAL Crystal Design Center (CDC), Building B, 1st Floor or contact us at

Line Official:

Tel : 086-340-9321, 083-260-4141


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